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Criminal Defence

Criminal Defence

Partners at Law LLP is home to one of the leading Criminal Defence Practices in the country.


Andrew King and Andrew Vallely are our Criminal Defence partners who provide specialist advice in the following areas of Criminal Law, along with daily attendance before the Courts nationwide.


Criminal Trial Process

PALS LLP act nationwide in matters before the Circuit Criminal Court and also before the Central Criminal Court on behalf of clients charged with criminal offences prosecuted on indictment.  

PALS has an excellent track historyrecord in dealing with trial matters and along with our expert advice, we utilise specialist counsel to represent our clients before the courts.



PALS LLP deals with extradition matters before the High Court and we were recently successful in representing our client's interests before the Supreme Court in respect of an extradition request. A note of this case and judgment can be seen below.


Judicial Review

Andrew Vallely heads up our Judicial Review section. PALS LLP provides expert advice in the area of Judicial Review and we have succeeded in applications before the High Court and Court of Appeal and we have appeared in matters before the Supreme Court in respect of applications taken on behalf of our clients.  For further information on Judicial Review please click here.


Pre Arrest Advices and Garda Station attendance and Interview

Before any criminal offence or allegation proceeds before a court or a person is charged to appear in court, a criminal investigation will take place on foot of a complaint being made, investigated by An Garda Siochana or other State Agency. 


It is vital that specialist advices are received by a person who is accused of having committed a criminal offence.  Andrew Vallely and Andrew King provide expert advice to clients against whom an allegation has been made. 


It may be likely that a person will be arrested for the purpose of a criminal allegation being fully investigated, involving the person being detained by An Garda Siochana under legislation for questioning. 


A person who is arrested is entitled to receive legal advice and reasonable access to a solicitor in custody who can best advise them in relation to the subject matter of the allegation and any defence which arises.


It is also now permitted that a solicitor can attend for interview with a person in a Garda Station. A solicitor can sit in on any interview which an arrested person is subjected to. 


Andrew Vallely and Andrew King attend Garda stations on a daily basis and advise persons in custody. Early expert representation in respect of criminal allegations is key .

Questioning at a Garda Station can be daunting and stressful and immediate advice can provide an accused person with a true understanding of the allegation being made and the offence under investigation. 


A person may also be asked to attend at a Garda Station for the purpose of a Voluntary Cautioned Statement or interview. In effect, this is a voluntary arrangement which involves a person who is suspected of a criminal offence being interviewed. If you have received contact from An Garda Siochana or another State Agency in connection with an allegation made against you, we are available to provide expert advice. To make an appointment please click here.


White Collar Crime (Theft and Fraud/ Money Laundering)

Offences prosecuted under the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001 and the Criminal Justice ( Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010 as amended are the primary pieces of legislation that "White Collar Crime" investigations operate under. These investigations are regularly commence under search warrant and with the arrest and detention of a suspected person at a Garda station or on a voluntary cautioned basis. Upon being charged, a person may be tried summarily before the District Court by a Judge sitting alone or on indictment before the Circuit Criminal Court by a Judge and jury.

Andrew Vallely has extensive experience in advising on these matters from the point of arrest and interview through to  prosecution and trial defence.

Sexual Offences

PALS LLP advise on a broad spectrum of what are commonly known as Sexual Offences. Andrew Vallely has specialised in this area of law and advises daily in the areas of Rape, Sexual Assault and Aggravated Sexual Assault, Defilement, Incest and historic abuse allegations. Andrew also advises in respect of allegations contrary to the Child Trafficking and Pornography Act 1998. Sexual Offence allegations are complex in nature and call for early advice and representation.


Misuse of Drugs Offences

Drugs offences are usually investigated under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977 as amended and range from allegations of personal possession of Drugs to allegations of sale and supply of drugs. These matters are prosecuted before the District Court and Circuit Criminal Court. Where a person is arrested for the investigation of alleged drugs offences, they can be detained for questioning under both the Criminal Justice Act 1984 as amended and the Drug Trafficking Act 1996 as amended. The timeframes for such detention varies depending on the level and scope and alleged value of the offence being investigated. 


Professional Discipline & Misconduct Tribunals/Committees of Inquiry/Fitness to Practice Hearings/Workplace Investigations


Andrew Vallely has advised across a range of private client Tribunals of Inquiry and Fitness to Practice investigations, some of which have had a criminal law aspect and resulting prosecution. Andrew is fully familiar with the intricacies of tribunal work and has regularly advised clients who have been summoned or cited throughout the investigation process, including advising on disclosure issues that arise and what an appropriate level of client engagement should entail in any given investigation.

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