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Partners At Law LLP

 Founded in 1993

Partners At Law LLP (PALS) is a Dun Laoghaire based law firm, established in 1993 when 4 local solicitors merged their practices under a new and distinctive identity. The practice combines the attraction of a familiar local business with the experience and technological support of a sophisticated legal organisation. PALS LLP provide tailored legal solutions to both individual and corporate clients.


Partners At Law LLP have attained the Q6000 Gold award from the Institute of Legal Research and Standards.


Partners At Law LLP

Our History

The firm has 3 partners:

Susan Gray  |  Andrew Vallely  |

Cilian McKenna

The practice was founded by Justin McKenna, Ronald Lynam, Brian Gardiner and Rory O’Riordan in 1993. All 4 operated as sole practitioners in Dun Laoghaire during the years before that and each brought his own special skill to the business.


Susan Gray, Andrew Vallely & Cilian McKenna became partners in 2020 having all carried out their traineeships with the firm.


Justin McKenna has recently retired as a partner but continues to work as a consultant to the practice.

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