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Elder Law

Elder Law

Justin McKenna heads up our division of Elder Law. The basic rights of senior members of our community are under threat every day from the most surprising source, their own family. This can manifest itself as financial abuse in the simplest of ways.


For instance, a persuasive son or daughter may suggest that Credit Union savings be nominated in his or her favour. This is called “exercising undue influence”. It can be tackled with foresight and action.


The most effective tool in the drawer is the enduring power of attorney. You will find this under “The law explained” on our home page. A will is another instrument giving power to the elderly. In each case the secret of the document is the appointment; and, putting the right person in charge in the event of certain circumstances arising.

Give Justin a call in total confidence.

For more information on the main principles of Co-Decision Making under the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Acts, 2015 & 2022, please click this link: Click Here

Father and Son
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