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Corporate Social Responsibility

Drink Tea for MND

Motor Neurone Disease is an incurable terminal illness. Approximately 140 people are diagnosed in Ireland every year.

At PALS LLP two families, have had to endure the dreadful rigours of the disease. In 2020 the local solicitors raised over €10,000 for Research MND at a dinner organised by Justin McKenna. That was before the pandemic.


In 2021 we raised a further €2,000 for the Irish MND Association at our ‘Drink Tea for MND’ coffee morning. We continue to make monthly donations.


The Irish MND Association is a body committed to supporting victims of the disease, their families and carers through advocacy, home and professional backup.


Partners at Law (PALS) and OpenHive

Partners at Law LLP(PALS LLP) have partnered with OpenHive Honey in 2020.


PALS LLP have sponsored a Native Black Honey Bee hive in South County Dublin. This hive will be established in April 2020 and by mid summer could have upward of 50,000 bees.

Ireland has been identified as one of the largest gene pools of the European Dark Honey Bee (Apis Melifera Melifera), the family of which, the native Irish black honey bee belongs. This once prolific bee, that lived all over the European continent, is now located in a very small number of isolated areas, Ireland being one of them.


Through this support from PALS LLP, OpenHive can continue to focus on the proliferation of the Native Irish Honey Bee.

Our Sponsorship of the Parkinson’s event

Move 4 Parkinson's strongly believe in patient empowerment and in the ability of People With Parkinson's to improve their quality of life once they have been given access to information, tools and techniques which have been proven to work.


Partners at Law are glad to fund two support groups, one aimed at offering support to People With Parkinson’s and their families following a diagnosis and the other aimed at providing support during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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