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COVID Times – Lockdown Legacies

Making a will during the coronavirus pandemic is simple and rewarding. In some respects, it is less stuffy as it can be done from your home while you are sitting in your favourite armchair enjoying a cup of tea.

It involves a Zoom meeting where I will take notes based on your circumstances and your estate (allow one hour). I will then craft a document to suit and email it to you for your approval.

There are 3 alternate methods of signing:

  1. Home. When you are happy I will ask you to print on good quality paper. You may then sign the will before 2 independent witnesses (not beneficiaries or related to beneficiaries) who must be present at the same time. I will then ask you to post the original document back here where we will hold it in safekeeping. You may keep a photocopy for your records.

  2. Office. You will drive to Adelaide Street where I will meet you while you remain in your car. I will pass the documents through the window and you sign on the dashboard. I will witness by signing on the bonnet and a 2nd witness will do the same while we keep our distance. We then copy the will for you.

  3. Garden. I can call to you with a witness (a member of my family)

Fee payment will be by EFT or cheque.

Let me know if you want to proceed and we can book a meeting online. Contact by email

I will be happy to take your instructions. If you are married and your spouse also wishes to make a will the cost is the same — € 390 incl vat.

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